The Challenge:
Giving your DevOps team the agility of a cloud-based development and production environment without compromising on your security standards

Automatically provision and deprovision access to your VMs, PaaS workloads and applications, in seconds, using a cloud native, API driven solution. Make sure all your production access is authenticated, provided just-in-time, based on the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) and fully audited and recorded.

The Solution:

Provide access in seconds

Setup access to a new VM, application or PaaS service in seconds by leveraging native API calls integrated with infrastructure-as-code solutions such as Terraform and CloudFormation. Provide users with an easy-to-use solution, delivered as-a-service, with no endpoint agent to install, appliances to deploy, or maintenance to perform.

Do not compromise on security

Provide the right access for each corporate resource based on its unique access policy, taking into account the users’ identity, device posture and the application context.Setup just-in-time access for sensitive resources with full governance and real-time enforcement of users’ actions in each application.

Secure SSH/RDP and web access

Manage SSH keys in a central and secure location, reducing the risk of lost or compromised keys. Map shared SSH or RDP accounts usage to users’ identities, to ensure a full audit trail which is tied to the actual user performing the operation.

Reduce costs

Save on maintenance, licensing and infrastructure costs with a cloud-native access solution, designed for the modern enterprise.

Audit reporting

Get a full audit trail of users’ activities within the application - including URLs accessed, SSH commands executed, RDP activities performed. All audit logs are tied to the users’ accounts and devices, and can be exported to your SIEM to receive additional application level context.

Get started immediately.

Leadership Team

We believe IT operations should be able to move at the speed of digital business requirements while leveraging any IT resource for the benefit of its business.

With the adoption of cloud-based applications, securing and monitoring each part of the distributed environment becomes a complex and cumbersome task.

And we know there is another way.

We therefore turn complex, lengthy security operational processes into one-click service, supporting the organizations’ digital transformation.

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