The Challenge:
Enterprises that transition their corporate IT resources to Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service components in Google Cloud Platform are challenged with providing secured and managed access to the cloud hosted resources.

Traditional access security tools were designed for solutions such as site-to-site and remote access VPNs, making cloud connections complex and insufficiently secure while breaking up the cloud-user experience.

The Solution:
The agentless Secure Access Cloud™ platform is fully integrated with Google Cloud Platform, providing direct, secure access to applications and services deployed on GCP.

Luminate’s platform also integrates with G Suite and Google Cloud Identity for authentication and policy management throughout the lifetime of the user’s session.

By leveraging its tight integration with G Suite and Google Cloud Identity as well as Google Cloud Platform IaaS and PaaS services, such as VM Instances in Compute Engine, Containers is Kubernetes Engine, and others, Luminate Secure Access Cloud™ allows organizations to provide secure access to any corporate IT resource in GCP.

With that, Luminate eliminates the complexities and the risks associated with direct network access to corporate datacenters, or the internet, while providing easy management that benefits from the existing investment in G Suite and Google Cloud Identity policies.

Google Cloud Platform helps safeguard the data and apps, and with Luminate one can incorporate all GCP-based apps into a hybrid cloud/on-prem secure networking strategy for a consistent hybrid cloud experience.

Luminate’s Benefits:

Secured, zero-trust architecture allowing point-to-point, ad-hoc user access to corporate resources

Reduced corporate networks attack surface Quick provisioning of access to any corporate application,   hosted in the cloud or on-premises

Unified security stack for all environments

Real-time visibility and governance of users’ actions to prevent malicious usage of corporate resources

Supports tracking and audit of all application access activities

Secured access of mobile workforce and third-party users

100% API driven infrastructure, seamlessly integrating with automation and orchestration solutions

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Leadership Team

We believe IT operations should be able to move at the speed of digital business requirements while leveraging any IT resource for the benefit of its business.

With the adoption of cloud-based applications, securing and monitoring each part of the distributed environment becomes a complex and cumbersome task.

And we know there is another way.

We therefore turn complex, lengthy security operational processes into one-click service, supporting the organizations’ digital transformation.

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